Continuing quality review and improvement is important in Health Economics, Finance and Policy Management; as well as clinical medicine. In fact, our Editor-in-Chief is a Certified Physician in Healthcare Quality [CPHQ]. And so, we request your participation, cognitive input and frank opinion of this Hobson’s “Choice” in Medicine Project.

What is your overall opinion of this Crowd-Sourced academic textbook research and development project?

Your opinion Positive or NegativeIs important to us!


We seek to answer the following questions:
  • Is collective intelligence through Crowd-Sourcing a valid R&D strategy?
  • Is Crowd-Sourcing a fair and reasonable distributed, problem-solving, and powerful online production model?
  • Is  Crowd-Sourcing accurate, precise and/or statistically significant?
  • Is Crowd-Sourcing scientific, heuristic and/or empirical; and does it matter?
  • Should we do it again? If not; why not?
  • If so; what topics would you like to see examined in the future?
  • Does our new-wave 2.0 Crowd-Sourced information gathering model make you more or less inclined to purchase the final printed textbook: HOBSON’S CHOICE IN MEDICINE [Reflections on Decision-Making, Health Economics, Rationing and Free Enterprise]; at a pleasing price-point?

Your response to this quality improvement feed-back survey is appreciated.


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